SAN TSG Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary!

“SAN TSG offers sectoral solutions in 74 countries with its software solutions today”

SAN Tourism Software Group (SAN TSG), which produces software solutions for the tourism industry, celebrates its 30th anniversary.

The foundations of SAN TSG, which was laid in 1992 by the partnership of Erol Türk and İsmet Çelebi, started to work on agency software in 1993. Specializing in tourism and travel technologies, SAN TSG products are actively used in 74 countries today. SAN TSG, which continues to produce software solutions for world tourism, has become one of the leading names in the sector by developing many modules and new main products together with the main products of Sejour the incoming agency software and TourVisio the tour operator software.

More than 5 thousand hotels and agencies are currently using SAN TSG products in Turkey and abroad. In addition to the main products, Abacus as sector-specific accounting software, B2B/B2C systems, web services, XML products, Hotel2Sejour, which provides hotel-agency reservation communication and used between hotels and agencies, and aircraft XML platform SanFlight are the main products in the sector.

SAN TSG joined the forces of its products with Paximum (Global Travel Marketplace), which it recently included in the digitalized and globalizing tourism world in 2013, and started to sign projects that are much more prominent in the global market.

Speaking about the 30th anniversary of SAN TSG, Chairman of the Board Erol Türk said, “As an institution that has been serving in its sector for 30 years, we are happy to be a big family with thousands of our customers. For 30 years, we have accomplished many successful projects with our customer satisfaction-oriented approach, technological infrastructure and competent human resources. We came together with our employees to celebrate our achievements and to experience the consciousness and spirit of being “WE” together once again. I believe that each year and the effort given is very valuable, and I would like to thank our customers, our business partners and employees who have been with us on this journey.” said.