Incoming Agency Software

As with the millennium age arrived, all automation and networking systems for tourism "DMC" follow up systems in the traditional way of booking methods are evolved.
These days mostly the excursion & operations, reservations & booking follow up business flows are managed and handled via offline or native online web platforms from various channels.


The SANTSG Sejour system gives you the opportunity within the terms of effectiveness and scability to maintain the whole business structure to obtain and retrieve, transfer and process all relevant data via online platforms easily.

In such demanding and competetive period; the fundamentals of a software automation that can meet all needs emerged with Sejour agency automation.

Sejour Mobile App for Excursion Reservations

Tour mobile App (both in IOS and Android platforms available) gives incredible advantages for active sales for the guides who are in the field freely.

  • Guides can book excursions from their smart phones and tablet and print out from their mobile printers to give its voucher to the customers.
  • The online excursion bookings directly reflect to the Sejour database via mobile web service.
  • Sejour backoffice users can automate their organizing capabilites, issue their operations and make them accounted successfully.

Sejour MR (Management Report)

Sejour Management Report is a mobile App (both in IOS and Android platforms available) gives the incredible advantages for company managers in the terms of examination of sales revenue, balance control, collecting the total sales data summary.

With the help of Sejour Management Report:

  • You will be able to control your business flow, accounting status, total sales report and revenue control, wherever you go.
  • Sejour Management Report users can automate their organizing capabilites, control their general accounting operations and make them examined with charts and graphics successfully.

Sejour Pick App

Sejour Pick App mobile (both in IOS and Android platforms available) gives incredible advantages for tour & transfer operations for the guides who are in the field.

With the help of  Pick App;

  • Guides can perform their «pick up / drop off» operations, perform schedulers, gets notifications, check their arrivals, mark their tranfers done by their automated controls from their mobile devices.
  • Booked excursions pick up arrangements, and their hotel transfers operations are all managed through mobile devices and those informations flows to the Sejour Agency backoffice system through mobile web services.
  • Thanks to Sejour Pick App, from their smart phones and tablet, all guides are now safely perform their transfer pick up operations.

Sejour QR & BarCode Reader Mobile Application

Sejour QR & Barcode Reader mobile Application (available on both IOS and Android platforms), customers can reach the necessary information for hotels where their transfers will take place with the "QR code" or "Barcode" specified on their vouchers by reading the transfer info flow to the kiosks in the airport terminals or by scanning the given code to this application on their mobile devices to the airport guides operating in the field.

  • This provides incredible advantages in the entire transfer operation.
  • In this way, Sejour backoffice users freed of old fashioned customer referral jobs, and become able to easily manage the entire transfer operation organization in an automated manner.

Sejour Customer APP Mobile

Sejour Customer APP Mobile Application (available on both IOS and Android platforms), It is a useful customer application that provides monitoring and control of all necessary processes such as all hotel facility operations, daily excursion applications follow up, and the provision of departure info information especially for customers that are staying at hotels.

  • Sejour Customer APP is designed on a company basis and has a flexible architecture.
  • In this way, Sejour backoffice users can now get freed of the old-fashioned info works.
  • They easily manage all in facility information and operational info organization in an automated manner. 
  • It offers a modern and solid service to its customers.

Sejour Integrations

Thanks to the advanced Software technology, Sejour is able to integrate envoirment via import and export modules;

  • In such example of transacting the bookings via file import & export modules
  • Importing and exporting contract inventories, special offer conditions are the mentioned options
  • With this way Sejour user will never lose a chance to get reservations comes from different platforms
  • Even in offline conditions, you will be able to insert bookings cumulatively via these modules

XML Connectivity

Sejour Agency Automation operates integrated with the latest technology.
XML data transfer provides the xml export of room rates, special offers, stop sales, etc., as well as all the contract elements.

Those data could be easily adapted into multi enviorment with the terms of solid integration.

Sejour B2B

Thanks to its Advanced Software technology, Sejour B2B modules provide enormous advantages in the integration processes with Sejour Agency and their Tour Operator partners.
Through B2B modules, Sejour Agents transmit the sales prices of the products they have contracted to their partners with the link and user account information they provide, and thus perform B2B reservations on the online platform.

Sejour B2B strengthens the active sales flow of the Agency by performing all data transfers of Contracts, special offers and other conditions in a correct and rapid manner.

  • The Sejour user diversifies the sales opportunities of different partners.
  • Thanks to this cooperation, the agency never loses the chance to receive reservations from his partners.
  • Through B2B module, integration of booking flows with the partners in an online structure comes with full productivity.