The secret to success: Always being a leader

Our Mission

  • With its strong ,experienced staff and managers and as always with a professional perspective; with the experience of many projects carried out in the Tourism Travel Sector and with the software that has proven itself in the sector, it provides realistic and successful solutions to its customers as exactly what they need.
  • Taking part in more than 70 countries in the Tourism & Travel Sector, to always carry out the work that falls into its share to raise our country to an internationally competitive level, to stand out in the competition by producing equivalent solutions with its competitors serving at the global level, To provide the highest quality service to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, nationally and internationally . To provide services and solutions that will ensure the full adaptation of its customers to the current challenging competitive conditions. To provide the best service to its customers with the highest quality standards with the optimum solution, To play a leading role in the sector by always aiming for the best.
  • As one of the effective suppliers of the market, to analyze the demands and needs of our customers and end users in the most accurate way and to present the innovative products of the software, we produce to the World Tourism Travel Sector.
  • Continuously following the needs of our customers for the professional employees regarding the sectoral solutions we have developed, we have been working with San Academy, especially in our country, in the departments of the tourism faculties of our country and in the tourism departments of our country's leading universities, colleges and tourism vocational high schools. To ensure that our students learn the software solutions we have developed in more than one school and to train the necessary expert personnel for the tourism travel industry.

Our Vision 

  • As a company that has adopted the principle that the key to a successful business life is to accurately analyze the needs of our customers and produce effective solutions that can add value to our customers, to be a reliable business partner of our customers for many years and to provide a continuous added value to the software industry of the country.
  • SANTSG is aware of the international and national competition in the field. Our company  is aware of all the stages of the road it has to travel in order to reach an internationally competitive level in the sector that our country serves, and will continue to work with the aim of moving higher in the global market. With the aim of being a sought-after company in the regions where it is geographically located in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and the Far East, its leadership in the tourism travel software industry, as well as its investments in R & D and innovation, which continues its technological progress in the tourism travel software sector and SANTSG, which invests in knowledge, innovation and development with the importance it attaches, continues to work without interruption to achieve its goals.
  • To be among the leading companies of the IT Sector by producing Tourism Travel Software with an understanding based on reliable and ethical values ​​by following the changing conditions and sectoral changes of today and the future.