SAN TSG Legal Appeal

The news, announcements and information contained on this website are presented as advice and opinion only for informing users. On the other hand, the content on the website may be outdated. SAN COMPUTER TRADE TOURISM IMPORT AND EXPORT A.Ş, who is in the position of a content provider, has no legal or criminal responsibility for these content, that is, if it is damaged and wasted due to action or action based on information, news and announcements. All responsibility belongs to the user himself. It is therefore recommended to check whether the content in question remains up to date.

On the other hand, regarding the personal data contained in the content or annex of this website; SAN COMPUTER TRADE TOURISM IMPORT AND EXPORT, which is also in the position of data officer other than content provider,  Within the framework of the Personal Protection of Data Policy prepared and implemented under the Personal Protection of Data Law No. 6698 and in line with the attached lighting text, employees of the data officer, What is the data of the people with whom they communicate and interact, including their customers and guests, for what legal reasons, with methods, for what conditions and purposes, how long it was processed, Necessary information and lighting are made regarding the application and complaint rights of the persons concerned, employee, The business will not be processed in violation of the consent and legislation of the data officer in this email content and / or its annex, including special personal data from the customer and other persons interacting with the guests, will not be saved, not to be transferred, will not be shared and stored, otherwise, those who take these actions and transactions will be legally and criminally responsible, data officer SAN COMPUTER TRADE TOURISM IMPORT AND EXPORT AŞ cannot bear any responsibility, Due to these actions and transactions, it is important to declare and report that the data officer will be covered by the losers if they suffer a loss.