Hotel / Agency Communication Platform

It is a reservation management system where all Sejour user agencies can meet their reservations with hotels online. By using SAN TSG software products, travel agencies operating in more than 70 countries can instantly reflect their reservations on the hotel screen through our Hotel2Sejour product.  Hotel2Sejour product is an online reservation system used by 6000 hotels in the world, 5000 hotels in Turkey and used in 150 agencies.

Hotel2Sejour platform manages the reservations of hundreds of Sejour user agents on a single platform. With its unique features the  Hotel2Sejour system, which has been used in more than 2000 hotels in a short time, we enable you to use your time more efficiently and enable you to be the first in the tourism industry race.

Some of the conveniences offered by Hotel2Sejour are;

  • It can manage hundreds of Sejour user agent reservations on a single screen and password.
  • Stop Sale & Free Sale notifications to all agencies; It can be sent according to the desired criteria according to the agency, market and room type.
  • Delivery reports and other detailed sales reports are provided.
  • Fact Sheets and images in accordance with international data standards can be dynamically published in multiple language
  • Hotel front desk operating systems (PMS) such as Fidelio, Elektra, Amonra, Rmos, Athena, Sentez, Asya Soft, Mod are integrated with reservation and provide access to the PMS system automatically.

Hotel2Sejour planned improvements;

  • Reservation Pool
  • Contract and special offers with the Price Management creation module
  • Proforma Invoice & E-Invoice Management
  • Online Sales Channels Management (Basically OTA and GDS)

Hotel2Sejour aims to be a modern channel management system with these features to be provided soon.

We aim to be a leader by carrying the added value we provide to the tourism sector beyond the borders with our experience so far and the software we have created using the latest technology. In this context, Hotel2Sejour will be a good choice to facilitate your work and to keep the "hotel-agency" business tracking process under control.