Turizmi Meslek Edinmek İsteyenler İçin Önemli Fırsat

In addition to the Paximum brands, Sejour rolled up the arms to train qualified staff in the tourism industry, with a visionary approach to TourVisio, Hotel2Sejour, SanFlight and Abacus software, as well as travel agencies and hotels.

As of January 2020, under the brand of SAN Academy, it had started to give training seminars to people outside the sector, who have just graduated from the university, wanted to take a break and return to tourism, or who wanted to work in the tourism sector, through tourism experts.

Speaking about the ongoing training seminars, SAN Academy Manager Songül Özcan said, “In the past, we only provided the training of our own software to our customers, travel agencies and operators, while we are implementing an outside training program for the first time with our SAN Academy brand.

Our courses are open to the participation of those who are still students or want to work in the sector and enter this sector. With this opportunity, we will meet the training demands of our group companies in this direction. We have also created a program for our agents where we can raise program user information levels.

Turizmi Meslek Edinmek İsteyenler İçin Önemli Fırsat

We wanted to bring our new participants closer to the industry by adding the lessons we describe tourism terminology and tourism concepts to our education curriculum. By inviting experienced tourism professionals from the industry to our training in the upcoming training calendar, we aim to ensure that our trainees are aware of the most current issues in tourism and give them a visionary tourism perspective.

We started our training calendar with “Sejour Expert User” trainings, which will be the full day every Tuesday and Thursday. We have planned training for 8 days and 60 hours in total. We have now completed the certification process of our first group. We presented their certificates with the ceremony we organized to 20 trainees who successfully completed the training of our Sejour Incoming Agenta program. We will implement the same program in the following months. However, by dividing it into sections according to its expertise; We plan to open training seminars in different areas such as Contract Specialist, Booking Specialist and Operations Specialist.said.

Turizmi Meslek Edinmek İsteyenler İçin Önemli Fırsat

Erol Türk, Chairman of the Board of SAN TSG regarding the training seminars and visionary studies, said in a statement

“Our goal is to support the need for qualified personnel who are missing in the tourism sector within the framework of a social responsibility project. First of all, which is close to 85% widespread use of our Sejour program and connected to it, Hotel2Sejour, TourVisio, we started our training for our Abacus software with Paximum. We will also have certification training in areas such as contract, reservation, operation and sales specialist, which we think will provide qualified personnel to the tourism sector in a short time.

We set out with the goal of teaching tourism terminology, which is the language of tourism and the latest developments in the tourism sector, especially incoming. As a result of our work to bring qualified staff to the Turkey tourism sector and contribute to our country tourism activities on this occasion will make us happy. In addition, who received the Certificate and successful people, both within SAN TSG and Turkey's many we had planned to start working in the incoming agency. He said to 2 of our January trainees that we made our job offer for business positions in our company. ”.

Turizmi Meslek Edinmek İsteyenler İçin Önemli Fırsat

As of March, both Sejour and TourVisio training will be announced by the SAN Academy. In addition, for those who wish to work in Tour Operators, the good news was given that a one-month tourism academy training will begin.