SAN TSG Bilişim 500

SAN TSG "Bilişim 500" Ranked in the Top 5 in the Sectoral Tourism Software Category

The results of "Turkey's Top 500 Informatics Companies Research Informatics 500" have been announced. “Tomorrow's Unicorns are at Informatics 500 Today!” The Informatics 500 Research, which was held for the 22nd time this year with the slogan, is an important marketplace that the leading companies in the sector, renewing and developing themselves in the field of technology and informatics, are eagerly waiting for.

Erol Türk, Chairman of the Board of SAN Tourism Software Group, said in a statement; “As SAN TSG, we provide software solutions that add value to the travel and tourism industry in 72 countries. We were also happy to be included in the Informatics 500 list, which we have been in for years. In this period when we are experiencing a global pandemic process, we are proud to maintain our success and even show a higher momentum. We will continue our success in the digital transformation and change process with our solutions for the tourism and travel sector, by further strengthening our technology infrastructure in the next period.”

SAN TSG, which took its place at the top of the "Sectoral Tourism Software Category" in Bilişim 500, also proved its success in different categories.

4th in the Sectoral Software Tourism Category among the top 500 IT companies.

6th in Anatolian Companies Category.

73rd in Turkey Based Firmware Category.

Turkey Based Producer 136th in Service Category.

Turkey Based Producers 134th in the General Category.

It took its place as the 350th among the top 500 IT companies.