Application Process

Recruitment process

  • Candidates who can have these qualifications are selected in line with the field of duty that has the vacancy,
  • Candidates' references are examined
  • He is called to interview (If there are projects that are caused by individual or teamwork, he is asked to bring and present them with him.)
  • If it seems necessary, it is subject to technical interview
  • In the selection and placement process, not only "experience" and "education" but also personality traits are given importance. In this direction, "personality tests" can be applied
  • If the employer agrees with the candidate in line with the conditions he envisages, a trial period is offered to the island
  • The candidate is called to work.

Critical questions in the recruitment process

  • Experience, experimentation, career, references
  • No travel barriers
  • Military status
  • Education level Humanitarian relations (to be able to work integrated with the Team)
  • Technical interview