SAN Tourism Software Group is a World Giant in its Sector!

SAN Group continues to produce software solutions that add value to the travel industry in 72 countries!

As San TSG, in addition to our main product, Sejour agency software, we build the business model with the Paximum brand, which was established in 2013, on carrying the hotel product of the incoming agency that uses Sejour to the global audience.

For example, an incoming agency operating in Dubai is only one of more than 700 Sejour user agencies. It currently serves the contracted hotels included in its system to Tour Operators via web services, XML, excel or extranet. The same products can be opened to Paximum channel at the prices and conditions determined by them. Thus, the hotelier indirectly reaches more sales channels and has the chance to increase their occupancy in a short time.

As a result, it is not different from the classic agency-tour operator product purchase and sales cycle that has been going on for years. Now, with a single integration, the travel agency can both supply products to global Bedbanks and have the chance to compete in the global martket place. SAN Group also adds XML connections to the plane with GDS to its global travel product integrations initiated with Paximum. It takes its solutions one step further with dynamic packaging.

SAN Group Chairman of the Board Erol Türk made the following statements on the subject:

“B2B integrations that we started with Paximum are growing rapidly. Today, Paximum delivers the hotel contracts of more than 150 local and global incoming agencies to the markets where technology is used most widely. In addition, as a result of the important agreements we made, we started to be preferred by global brands in local hotel data. We have accelerated our speed with the bilateral sales agreement of Amadeus-Content Inn, the world giant we recently realized.

SAN Tourism Software Group Sektöründe Dünya Devi!

No Cost and Very Fast

With Paximum, where we started a two-way working model with LotsofHotels, Sunhotels, RoomsXml, Dnata-Travel Republic, W2M, Special Tours, Smyrooms, and dozens of other b2b suppliers, we are moving local agencies to more global distribution channels very quickly and without cost.

Paximum up to today has supplied products to , United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Thailand, Mexico, Maldives, Greece, Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia.

In 2018, 120,000 Pax mediated sales. It added value to the tourism sector. In 2019, our goal is to mediate 300,000 Pax sales.said.

Paximum, for 27 years in Turkey Sejour software was preferred by hotels in tourism. It draws attention as a software installed to facilitate the sales of incoming agents that load their products into the system. Incoming agencies carry hotel contracts to many different channels without integration license costs. It provides the tourism sector with unprecedented added value in the world and walks with sure steps towards becoming a world giant in its industry.