TourVisio Outbound Tour Operator Software

TourVisio Tour Operator Software is a comprehensive Tour operator solution using the latest technology.
We have a dedicated team of developers who understand the unique way of the tourism industry which ease to understand the needs of our customers in the terms of help to produce a fast solutions.
As we only do tourism development, we can concentrate on our customers specific needs in this area(industry).

  • TourVisio helps make instant changes to sale prices on all sale channels, so Back Office +B2B + B2C can be done its performance in a minute, just by few clicks.
  • TourVision can manage within the same data-base and server. For Multinational Markets, you don’t need to do the same definitions for each market on cost part, which provides you considerable amounth of time saving.
  • TourVisio provides Reporting for multi needs (Cost Reports, Statistical Reports , many more...) with diagrams, sheets, and clear reports.
  • Monitoring of operations for each user can decide their own options on all monitors and accounting transactions.
  • We also offer extra modules which can be added to TourVisio for example : Bonus Module, Transport Module, Flight Seat c-in module, TV-XML Export Module, Hotel Sale Module, We are providing xml and web services.
  • TourVisio Tour Operator Automation enables integration with accounting programs, plus bank integration as well as payment channels.


TourVisio 2 Mobile App

TourVisio 2 Mobile application is an application available both in Appstore (for iPad)  and Android Market.
The main aim of the application is to provide actual information to tour operator managers and shareholders about business volume and operations. It gives access to initial reports of operations owing to its comprehensive interpreted structure and its multiple chart graphics visualisation.

  • By using its Reservation Monitor, it can be observed that all of the reservations depends on different criteria's (eg. today sold, cancelled, reservations which have balance).
  • Daily Sales Report presents - sales with their details like «today sales», «yesterday sales» or «last three days sales».
  • It blocks / quotations between selected date intervals. Empty seats follow up report or monitor that displays the empty capacity of the flight blocks.
  • As a generic Tour Operator control application, TV2Mobile app is able to display the eligible information from all markets, periodical sale statistics, qualified data interpreted transactions.

TourVisio B2B

TourVisio integrated B2B module allows you to present and sell; Flight & Hotel, Cruise, Culture Tours, Bus, Long Stay, Excursion, Transfer and all related extra services to your agencies in more than one market (country).
With the preferred payment tools, (Virtual POS, etc.) you can arrange the current accounting transactions.
With the help of TVB2B, you will never loose a chance of getting bookings 7/24 and all necessary documents for clients and market languages can be specially designed & implemented for your company.

  • All the reservations made via B2B are recorded instantly to the back-office.
  • According to your release definitions which applied for the agencies or markets, you can avoid losses.
  • By using reservation & payment monitors as well as bonus programmes, you can easily follow and increase profit margins of the reservations made by the agencies.B2B agencies can finalize search results which was made via B2C with integration of both web modules.
  • Announcement system allows you to advertise discounts & actions and also can chat about the reservations via B2B channel.
  • TourVisio B2B always supports your trading capabilities with the agencies in a perfect manner.


TourVisio B2C & SAN CMS

A perfect solution for B2C partners, with TourVisio B2C you can start getting reservations via your website that could be designed by either our web  department or  by your own programmer which is fully integrated with our Back-office programme.

  • With its user-friendly interfaces, TVB2B provides high end experince for B2C business.
  • All commercial services & products can be promoted in details (Texts, pictures, video, 360 Photograph, Map, etc.) on your web site.
  • You can present your main and extra services during the reservation according to users’ demand.
  • With the rapidly upgraded ‘user controls’ you can improve your website and choose from the different publicity options.
  • You can work via integrated social media groups (Twitter, Facebook).
  • If you wish you can immediately sell your pricewise reduced products with the social shopping module.
  • Any payment instruments (VPOS, PayPal, etc.) can be connected to the CMS & B2C system with the possibility of receiving partial payments.
  • If desired, request basis products can be sold and later users can enter the system to make the payment of the confirmed reservation and can have the documents printouts.
  • At the same time SAN CMS supports the online reservation cancellations and changes in a parametric way.