QM Awards 2017 Awards Announced

In order to emphasize the importance of quality in the tourism sector, which was launched in 2010, and Turkey's broadest-based tourism award Quality Management - QM AWARDS 2017 AWARDS 8th, Professional Hotel Managers Association (POYD) on December 22, 2017 in Limak Hotels Lara was presented to the owners at the traditional season premiere.

45 Awards in 10 Branches

The QM AWARDS 2017 Awards, in which the best of tourism was selected in 45 different categories in 10 branches, were determined by finalizing after two-stage voting between 22 November and 20 December 2017, with approximately 57,666 thousand tourism professionals.

Our Sejour Agency Software Has Been Throned This Year
Our SEJOUR product, which we participated as SAN TSG (Tourism Software Group) in the Türkiye's Best Managed Agency Software Services Category, was awarded in this year in the QM Awards ceremony.

QM AWARDS Turkish Tourism's Most Comprehensive Award Ceremony

QM Awards are the most comprehensive award ceremony of Turkish Tourism, organized to emphasize the importance of Managing Quality In tourism. QM Awards Quality Management Awards, Turkey's Tourism professionals, investment and investors, region, tour operator, agency, subcontractor, person, institution and private enterprises to appreciate and encourage Turkish Tourism services.

Businesses applying for the QM Awards award, completing the branding process and adopting a sustainable management style, representing Turkey successfully, continues to provide added value to the country and the industry and all industry stakeholders who have made it a principle present the assessment of the sector as role models.

QM Awards 2017 Ödülleri Sahiplerini Buldu

This Year's Moto of QM Awards Awards "BE THE BEST"

Targeting the best today is now a must for people, institutions and businesses, where competition is globalized in Turkish tourism. Branded businesses need to target top development in their relationships, attitudes and style. There is a constantly evolving and changing world because you are here. The "Be The Best" moto was emphasized this year in the Qm Awards ceremony.

Awards Find their Owners With Two-Stage Voting System
The "Quality Management" awards, which start with voting on www.qmawards.com and www.gmdergi.com sites in November and December every year, consist of a two-stage system.

In the first stage general candidates are presented to the public, the final list determined according to the votes received by the candidates is re-voted. QM voting with the participation of approximately 60 thousand Tourism industry professionals, employees, members and investors; e-mail to the tourism industry is delivered with the voting link on our online sites www.qmawards.com and www.gmdergi.com.

As a result of the voting The final candidates are determined by passing a final assessment to the POYD Board of Directors.

İnterview with Erol Türk


QM Awards 2017 Ödülleri Sahiplerini Buldu