QM Awards 2019 Awards Announced

The Best of Tourism Celebrated its 10th Anniversary

In order to emphasize the importance of quality in the tourism sector, which was launched in 2010 and Turkey's largest participating tourism award QM AWARDS celebrated its 10th year this year.

The QM Awards, which was organized to emphasize the importance of management quality in the tourism sector since its inception, took place at the HotelSU in Konyaaltı on December 19, 2019 with a magnificent ceremony.

Tourism industry from all over Turkey showed an intense participation with great enthusiasm in the ceremony

Overnight, Antalya bureaucracy and business world leading, Tourism Civil Society Organization Heads, Tourism Investors, tourism professionals from all over Turkey showed great interest. Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, leading representatives of TRNC Tourism, board members of companies serving for the tourism sector and all tourism stakeholders took part in the ceremony. ECTOB-Mediterranean Tourist Hoteliers and Operators Association- TÜRSAB Turkey Travel Agencies Association, Antalya Provincial Cultural Directorate, ATSO (Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, QM's Corporate Supporter POYD-Professional Hotel Managers Association, together with the award.

A new record achived with a& participation of "100254" people voted

With the online voting, QM Awards signed another record this year. "100 Thousand 254" people visited the voting page this year.

The Best of Tourism in 65 Different Categories in 9 branches

At the Qm Award ceremony organized by GM Tourism and Management Magazine, the winners were determined by a two-stage voting system.9 branches were selected as the best of tourism in 65 different categories.
The Quality Management Awards, launched in 2010, continued to emphasize the importance of managing quality in its 10th year, improving with its success and stability in the tourism industry. Tourism industry from all over Turkey with great enthusiasm showed an intense participation in the ceremony.

A SAN TSG Classic - QM Awards

On this magnificent night, as every year, "The Most of Turkish Tourism" was crowned with awards.
We were very honored to be present as SANTSG on the QM Awards Gala Night, which is excellent in everything, and to receive this award with our customers who have seen us as solution partners for years. We once again offer our endless thanks to all tourism stakeholders who visited our table before and after the gala night award ceremony.

QM Awards 2019 Ödülleri Sahiplerini Buldu

It was a magnificent Gala Night
On the night of the award, the guests had unforgettable moments with the live performances of Sespresso Event's giant Symphoenix orchestra for 24 people. The giant orchestra was applauded by the audience for minutes.

The Anatolian Fire dance community, which was undertaken by Mustafa Erdogan as the Director of General Art, won the guests'appreciation with their magnificent performances at night. The community, which remained on the stage for minutes, was applauded by the audience for minutes while giving the guests pleasant minutes.

QM Awards 2019 Ödülleri Sahiplerini Buldu

Appreciation Plaques were given to the supporters

Valuable sponsor companies that contribute to the perfect realization of this year's Qm Awards 2019 award ceremony; Main Sponsor Antalya Tourism Fair; Gold Sponsor Emir Cargo; Press Sponsor: Milliyet, Silver Sponsors HOTEL Su, Hotel Runner, Villa Plenus; Special Sponsors Effect Ses ve Işık, KSL Technical Production, Hotech, My Time Global, Grass Company Group, Sespresso Event, ATR Touristik, MICEMAN, Nasa Desing, Media Workshop, Anatolian Fire, World Flag; Corporate Support POYD received a plaque of appreciation at the end of the ceremony. The night, when the best of tourism was chosen, ended with a group photo shoot.