Tour Operator Software

Why Tourvisio tour operator software?

Tourism Industry has too many  online Travel management systems and those are luxury items, we provide you  these strategic tools for managing multiple projects with lower costs with our experience. We help you succeed by implementing these solutions and services that allow you to manage your business  more effectively.

Save time, save money with our integrations

Tourvisio Tour Operator Software is an highly capable software in Tour Operator business.
It has rather flexible structure and can establish easy integrations.

Sejour Integration
TourVisio can receive the hotel contracts, allotments, facilities, stop sales, service extras of hotels and hotel SPO’s from Sejour.

Export To External Accounting
TourVisio can operate as integrated to a professional formal accounting program beside its own accounting. There are several TourVisio user companies these are working as integrated with an accounting program from many country (both in Asia and Europe)

Integrated more than 10 accounting Software Programme

Bank integrations

Define once, use for all markets

Tourvisio tour operator software can manage within the same database and server lots of countries (Market), you dont need to do same definitions for each market from cost part. It’s enough to create hotels just one time then every market can use same hotel while preparing holiday package with their own profit rules.

Also you can manage different B2C in one database with different profit rules!

A few seconds

Tourvisio tour operator software can make instantly changes to sale prices on the all sale channels so Back Office, B2B, B2C can be done in a few seconds, just by few clicks

Everything is taking care of

Hotel room assignments, flights and all main services. the program automatically keeps control over the number of remaining hotel rooms or flight seats when you make a booking

Pearly report for the right decisions

Over 350 output reports automatically provide information on settlements with partners; various tourist lists, summary balance sheets, statistical reports, application payments, flight seat availability, various financial tools, such as the cash-book, sales and account ledger and others, will make it easier for you to monitor, control and forecast your company’s profits and expenses.

We offer also extra modules which can be added to TourVisio

  • Bonus Module
  • Transport Module
  • Flight Seat c-in module
  • Tvxml Export Module
  • Hotel Sales Module

We are providing xml and web services.

Try our mobile application for free!

TourVisio 2 Mobile Application is an application that its login parameters created from TourVisio back office and can be provided both from Appstore (for iPad TourVisio2M) and Android Market (TourVisio2 mobile)

The main aim of application is to provide actual information to tour operator managers and share holders about business volume and operations.
It gives access to initial reports of operations owing to its comprehensive, can be interpreted structure and owing to its multiple graphics opportunity.
By using Reservation Monitor, can be observed all of the reservations depends on different criterias (eg. today sold, cancelled, reservations which have balance)

Daily Sold Report presents sales with their details like as today, yesterday, last three days sold. By using this report it is also possible to see sale prices, cost and profit.

Flight Monitor displays fullness of the flight blocks between selected date interval.

Empty Seats Follow Up is a report or monitor that displays the empty capacity of the flight blocks. This screen displays the information from all markets.

Sale Statistics Periodicly is an administrative tool which presents the sales as meaningfull information due to many criterias. Data interprete transaction can be done with selected criteria. Pax, booking, sale price, cost and profit are these criterias.

Sale Statistics Report supplies information with many other critesrias beside Sale Statistics Periodicly report. Market, operator office, holiday package, country, destination, departure city, agency, hotel, night duration and tha sales channel are some of these filtering criterias.

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