SAN Academy

SAN Academy, which started its training in the new building of SAN TSG in January 2020, is a training unit that implements certificate programs with a visionary perspective for all trainees who want to work or already working in the tourism sector. Together with the practical training of tourism software developed by SAN TSG, it aims to provide trainees with basic tourism knowledge, nationally diverse tourism operations and comprehensive information about current tourism trends.

Within the certificate programs, presentations are made in which tourism professionals participate and the most up-to-date information is conveyed. These presentations provide the opportunity to meet with professionals of different subjects such as air ticketing and GDS systems, online booking systems, Channel Manager, B2B, B2C platforms, digital media marketing, personal development trainings (crisis management, time management, conflict management, etc.).

With SAN Academy certificate programs;

  • You can learn extensively in practice about Sejour, the industry's leading agency operations system, and TourVisio, the tour operator program.
  • By obtaining the most up-to-date information about travel agency and tour operators, you will be informed about the current practices in the sector.
  • You can find detailed information about online tourism and reservation systems.
  • You can get detailed information about other integrated programs such as Hotel2Sejour, Paximum, SanFlight, Abacus Accounting Program.
  • With the training certificate you receive, you will speed up the steps in your career and increase your chances of promotion.
  • You will add value to your personal development and resume.
  • You will be sought for applications for domestic and international companies using SAN TSG products or for vacant positions in SAN TSG.

 Who can participate SAN Academy certificate programs?

  • Travel agency employees and managers
  • Tour operator employees and managers
  • Students and graduates of faculty, vocational school and high school giving tourism education
  • Educators who want to increase their education level in schools that provide Sejour education
  • People who are interested in tourism and want to specialize         
  • People who want to pursue a career in travel agency and tour operator         
  • Education levels, groupings and special education plans are made according to the demand received by pre-application.

After our certificate program, career days are planned where we will bring together our certified participants and travel agency managers.