Hotel2Sejour will be the world’s first offline-online channel manager

Hotel2Sejour will be the world’s first offline-online channel manager

Paximum Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Necip Fuat Ersoy’s interview.

Eda Özsoy – Turizm Güncel

Mr. Ersoy, first of all, what is Paximum ? What will be your contribution to Tourism Industry, can you please tell us ?Paximum is the name of our new company that officially founded in September 2013 and positions itself as the Global Online Travel Products Market. Under Paximum Constitution we took a step with support of our international investors in order to fulfill the dream of Erol Turk, the founder of SAN, active in the Travel Industry for 22 years offering software solutions to over 500 firms in 50 countries.THE FIRST AND ONLY PLATFORM IN THE WORLD

What do you exactly mean by “market” ?I refer to a structure which processes the global travel products not to customer directly but instead in internet, to B2B channels where it can be bought and sold, that undertakes the assurance of product side for its buyers and  the assurance of revenues for the sellers, a structure that provides the right balance  in commercial interests by representing the united strength of the suppliers with its high range of products over against the international selling channels.WILL BE AVAILABLE ON APRIL 2014

Sounds like an ambitious project, when it will be live, will you be Turkey centered?

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