• Before starting let me offer my sincere thanks for your support regarding Sejour and Sejour B2B programs which I’ve been using for years now. I wish continued success to the program; developed by solely Turkish developers and become one of the best so far, and all the department staff who never ignored our requirements when analyzing, developing and updating the program. It can never be disregarded how profitable it is when looking for a qualified employee thanks to Sejour being a subject of education in many high schools and universities. All programs are adapted specifical ly on agency basis, the new developments are based on the agency requirements, therefore user friendly whatsmore the program is also compatible with the corporate structure of the firm. Having a structure cabaple of supplying the needs of agencies from the small enterprices to the top companies is one the most admissible reasons for preferring Sejour. In addition, I personally very well know how importanat it is to improve the staff by providing the after sales support and training. Its being used in 4 continents, 55 countries by more than 500 firms is the most significant indication of what I mentioned above.  I wish continued success to all San TSG members.

    Sezgin AydınCalypso Tour / Reservation Director Antalya Office
  • Our process regarding our company Big Blue’s web page is now completed. Let us thank you for concluding the process rapidly with a great amount of care and altruism. Additionally I also thank to your colleagues who contributed. Every market has its own distinctions. The Serbia market that we are in also has its own differences. Consequently we requested so much from you out of the standarts and put you in a sutrugle, sorry for that. Yet your team has been so efficacious for us. Working with you was a beneficial process. The training and experience we gained with you, put us in an advantageous position in the Serbia Market. Hereby, let me thank you for myself and in behalf of my staff for the attention you gave and continuous help. Regards,

    Enver BabatBig Blue Travel / Managing Director
  • Dear San TSG Family, we thank each one of you one by one for all the support and advices that enabled us to accelerate our labor force in the impetuous and competetive environment of the tourism industry.

    Ahu KoçlarOtis Travel
  • I met SAN TSG in 2007, after our detailed observations and based on the product demos we have practices, we decided that using Sejour is the wisest way, therefore I offered Sejour to the management of the day. It took soem time for them to decide because other programs were almost 50% cheaper than you. Yet there were remarkable questions in this comparison;such as how long would be the validity and utility of the program, how efficient would be the after sales service and updates.. Anyways, after long discussions the decision was made. Me and my team started using Sejour in 2007 season. Oddly, I started my own firm after 7 years and without hesitation I contracted with Sejour. The reasons are; I’m confident with the program, when I insert correct data the program supplies the needs all by itself which is a blessing for me. I appreciate your continuing support since the very first day as it was 7 years ago. All the updates with the support feedback, your efficient track of customer satisfaction is an admirable company policy. Congratulations. To cut the story short, when I bought the program after seven years, the close attention and sincere approach prooved me right of being in the correct address and my decision was just. I truly appreciate the effort of the contributors and the owner of the idea beginning with the very first day. Let me pay my homage initially to management and to whole team.

    Abdullah BulutAphrodi Travel Agency / General Manager
  • GVN Travel is actively using San Finance for the last 2 years. We are very pleased with both the content and user-friendliness. Additionally, it is quite advantageousits being entegrated with Sejour. Wish you continued success,

    Güven ÇobanGvn Travel
  • I met San Finance around end of 2013 and become an active user on 01.01.2014.  Sejour helped me to use my time more efficiently when issuing purchase and sales invoices. Also eased evaluation of period-end exchange for foreign exchange current account for me. From my point of view, after buying the program, support and training process really matters, at this point I offer my hearty thanks to San Finance family, especially to Cem BASER. I wish you continued success.

    Ayşegül KaracaPalma Exclusive / Accounting Manager
  • Sejour Incoming Agency Program become our indispensable partner since beginning of 2000s thanks to both its operation, reservation and cost calculations and management, and statistical support and profitability control, as well as its practical structure. Additionally, the service; about technical support being continuous, on time, supportive and innovative, raised our fulfillment. We owe a thank to all firm members.

    Kemal ÇetinMina Travel / General Manager
  • First of all I would like to thank you for maintaining an aspect of corporate business from an equal distance to all firms without any differentiation and no matter what with the approach of customer satisfaction. Despite being in the industry for 30 years this is the first time that I embraced a firm for being so professional and for efficacious customer relations. This led me to trust your firm San Computer more and more and create great projects together. One of the most appealing quality of your firm is after sales support. Whenever an address is needed for friends in business, Sejour is the first name in mind.

    Serdar BayraktarPenelope Travel / General Manager
  • We, Sonar Real Estate Transportation Tourism and Trade Inc. , are using San TSG’s programs, Sejour and others since 2007. We wish you continuos success and sincerely thank for your services and support, as well as for giving such great program to tourism industry under your corporate structure.

    Emin Hayri Yener Sonar Tourism / General Manager
  • We have been using Sejour actively for many years in our firm. We are very much pleased with cost calculations and management, and statistical support and profitability control, as well as its practical structure. Additionally, the service; about technical support being continuous, on time, supportive and innovative, raised our satisfaction. We thank to all firm members.

    Nadi ÖrenPamfilya Tourism Inc. / IT Manager
  • Since 2009 both we and our abroad partners are very found of Sejour and your other products, thank you very much for your support and wish our cooperation to last.

    Hüseyin Onat CihanoğluQuando Travel Agency / General Manager
  • We are using Sejour and online Sejour B2B reservation module of San TSG. I thank to those for myself and on behalf of my company to those who contributed, designed and developed these programs and facilitated our work loan as well as adapting our requirements very quickly to the rapidly improved opportunities of the technology.

    Bayram İsmailPalma Exclusive / General Manager
  • Sometimes a program is not just a program but instead a team player that organizes, improves and standardizes your workflow. Therefore Sejour is a indispensable team player in our business thanks to its flexible reporting tools, solid database, user-friendliness and after sales support.

    Dilber Yüce Birce Tour / Product & Marketing Manager

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