Sejour Integrations

Contract Import Module

Is an integrated solution supplying the quick and secure import of the contracts signed between the agency and the hotel. This development aims to reduce the amount of human errors that can occure during the manual entry of the contracts and to help save time during data entry. Room rates, special offers (Early booking, day promotion, honeymoon promotion, etc.) hotel extras, kickbacks, etc., all these information in the contract can be inserted in a standart format of xls file and can be imported into the system either per person or unit pice based. At time of contract import also the mark ups can be applied and the sales prices can be ready within seconds. There by saving time and effort, the contract entries can be completed in one simple step via Sejour Integrations

Catalog Export Module

This is the module providing the cumulative export of the values in the contracts such as operator based all sales prices, special offers, hotel extras, kickbacks, etc. that are inserted in Sejour, to an xls format. It can be coloured with different formats, index can be created and this way price offers can be quickly prepared.

Special Offer Import Module

This is an integrated solution. It enables the quick and secure import of the special offers, given by the hotels during the season, into Sejour. This development aims to eliminate the human mistakes that can occure during the manual data entry as well as saving time and effort

Special Offer Export Module

This module is developed in order to give the opportunity to export an xls format of the special offers recevied within the season and inserted into Sejour. This is an operator based cumulative export format. The development aims to provide the quick transfer of the price offers to operators right after they are inserted in Sejour via Sejour Integrations

Reservation Import Module

This module is developed with the aim of cumulative import of bookings received from operators with different formats and file types. This integrated solution is developed specifically for every agency and aims to eliminate the human mistake possibility during manual data entry. The reservation records are created more quickly and accurate with this import structure. This also helps the reservations department to save time so that they can use their time more efficiently. Once the import is completed, the list of changes, cancelations and new bookings can be extracted, and all daily arrived booking, can be followed up easily

Sejour to Sejour Reservation Import Module

This Sejour Integrations module is an integrated solution providing an automatic reservation flow between Sejour using agencies, thereby disburdens the department and help them use their time more efficiently. Usually preferred by Sejour using operational partners in different regions in order to save their time

XML Connectivity

Sejour Agency Software operates integrated with the modern systems of today. XML data transfer provides the xml export of room rates, special offers, stop sales, etc., as well as all the contract elements

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