Sejour B2B

Sejour B2B Web Operator Reservation Module

Your Operators may able to search prices on Sejour,  and  can save the daily sales , by  the passwords that you have given to your operators. Operators can publish vouchers and invoices instantenously.  And you may also able to see your sales automatically, and follow up their confirmations, payment and collection traces.

Your tour operators can also give passwords to their sub operators  under  their authority

With the Sejour B2B Module,  agencies can build a bridge between their operators to provide a defined rules exclusively to their operators. Consequently  each operators can add their own commission rates on the prices that the agency gave to them. Besides, the  operators  can add their flights and insurance rates as well.

With the Price Search Engine,  you may able to search prices according to various criterias

To your search that you make, the available room and the best rates will appear  at first row. From the same screen , there could be made a booking entry  quickly. The bookings entered in to the B2B system, will directly appear on sejour system. The bookings comes from B2B, could be traced from “Web Reservation Follow Up” screen.

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