Global Travel Marketplace

Paximum is a Global Travel Marketplace built in 2013 .

Connected with more than 100 Destination Management Companies (yet) and Major Global Bedbanks, Paximum is searching for the best available prices for your b2b reservations. Paximum’s state of art software enables you or your retail agencies to enter markups, and have results within seconds.

You can record your searches, add your favorite hotels and get reports. Native connections to Tourvisio and Sejour systems enables to become Supplier or Buyer with simple clicks. Paximum can sell your contracted hotels to its thousands of Retail Agencies or can supply you variations of hotels all around the world.

We have matched all hotels, boards and room types and with local destination management companies, so finding the right price is so easy with Paximum!

For suppliers

If you are eligible for giving out your product inventory as XML or with similar electronic methods, you can also work with Paximum as a Supplier. For companies who are using San TSG’s back office systems such as Sejour and TourVisio you can easily integrate our model to extend your inventory and seamlessly integrate it to our platform.

For tour operators

There are three ways of integration that will enable you to take the maximum benefits of Paximum;

  • Using our application as white label and integrate it to your B2B sales channel. To enable this your system needs to have an authentication web API method.
  • You can deliver separate Paximum passwords to your retail agencies to get them started immediately!
  • You can integrate our top-notch Web API to your B2B systems.

For more information

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