SAN Tourism Software Group has signed with Travel PR

As known with Sejour software used by incoming agencies, SAN Tourism Software Group has agreed with Travel PR, which is known as the PR agency of the Tourism industry.

SANTSG chairman of the board Erol Türk stated that; SAN TSG, which has a solution partnership to more than 700 companies in 72 countries, also announced that it will continue with Travel PR for strategic planning and media communication services for Sejour, TourVisio, Paximum, SanFlight, Hotel2Sejour and Abacus brands.

Erol Türk, chairman of the board of SAN TSG, said in a statement he was interested in; “Since 1992, we have been offering our incoming agencies a valuable product like Sejour. TourVisio used by more than 100 tour operators as well as Sejour, scheduled, SanFlight, where we collect charter and low cost flights in the same pool, Our Hotel2Sejour brand, which successfully transmits over 15 million reservation information to more than 4,000 hotels in 3 years, Our Abacus brand, which is our financial software in global and we do business that add value to the tourism sector in Turkey. In recent years, with our Paximum brand reaching 120,000 Pax per year, tour operators can make instant sales by seeing hotel contracts of incoming agencies around the world, with a total of 150 local and global suppliers abroad. Although we have set our 2019 target as 300,000 Pax and are working with valuable tourism brands in the world, we have not had the opportunity to adequately explain ourselves to our tourism stakeholders. Aside from doing innovative studies, we signed a long-term agreement with Travel PR, which has put our work into service to global brands in the Tourism sector to transfer to wider audiences. From now on, the communication of our brands will be done by Travel PR, which is the good news of its business. I wish this agreement to be good for both parties.

Speaking about the agreement, Travel PR Agency President Sarp Özkar said, “SAN TSG is an extremely valuable and visionary company. Since their establishment in 1992, the world has many software that adds value to the tourism sector. It is managed correctly by visionary executives who try to realize new ideas every day, which we anticipate will grow with very serious momentum even in the short term in the future. To the stakeholders in the tourism sector; they do their work, the awards they received, the global brands they worked with and the valuable work they added to the tourism sector in global with Turkey had a lack of telling the masses. We also signed a long-term agreement with SAN Group to complete this shortcoming, to convey the values created by each brand to the brands to work, at the right time and in the right language. I wish it to be good for both Travel PR and SAN TSG.