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Hotel2Sejour for Hotels

It is possible to manage dozens of DMC Travel Agencies’s b2b reservations in just a single monitor.

You’ll get rid of the losses encountered during manually reservation processes as usual in conventional method. Hotel2Sejour is being a bridge between b2b reservations of Sejour user DMC Travel Agencies and you. From now on, you’ll be able to manage the b2b reservations made from your partner Sejour user DMC Travel Agencies with just a single login. Confirmation, not confirmation, past reservation queries, check in / check out lists are also possible in Hotel2Sejour. One of the most enhanced feature is creating custom search criterias and save as button so user can query faster in specific criteria.

Hotel2Sejour for Travel Agencies

We have shorten your reservation processes.

We bring you the speed in reservation confirmation processes that directly being effected by the factors of occupancy and price. To handle the sensitive reservation confirmation procces with Hotel2Sejour is more easy than usual. You won’t have to send and follow up the reservations vie e-mail, fax or etc. You’ll also save time from consuming works such as manual changes in the system. However you don’t have to pay a lot of money for developing your inhouse b2b reservation management platform.

Discover Hotel2Sejour features!

Reservation Management
It is possible to manage dozens of DMC Travel Agencies’s b2b reservations in just a single monitor
Offer Pool
Your hotel seeking reservations will be finalized very fast with Offer Pool
PMS Integrations
Your reservations are integrated directly in to your PMS (Property Management System) system
Stop / Free Sale Management
Manage your sales! Increasing the income with Stop / Free Sale Management is possible
Fact Sheet Management
Get your facts and hotel images seen correctly in Tour Operators catalogues
Special Offer Management
Now, your revised rates will reach to tour operators faster than ever!

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