Complaint Follow-Up Software

Inbound travel agencies

The Complaint Follow-Up Software was created and serves the inbound travel agencies as well as the hotels to follow their customers’ complaints or requirements.

It helps analyzing the results with variety of statistics and reports.With this module you can enter written or verbal complaints received from your customers.

You can easily able to reach information like; Number of written or verbal complaints received for the required period; The amount of compensation paid and the reaction length of your staff for solving the clients requests or complains.


Who is responsible for clients dissatisfaction?
Which are the most complained hotels or tour suppliers?
Who is the most hospitable staff?

All the answers are hidden in the reports of Complaint Follow-Up Software. Considering and solving customer complains systematically will be the best indicator for your company, that aims the highest service quality whilst the business grows.

Complaint Follow-Up Software Interfaces

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