2 Major projects of SAN

2 Major projects of SAN

SAN TSG Inc. General Manager Erol Turk stated that; the Travel Agencies who took their stands in the online market and following the latest developments will be above board.

San TSG , leads the tourism industry since 1992, undertakes a major role also in education in Universities. The SAN TSG; offering web applications with Sejour and Tourvisio brands to travel agencies and tour operators who run incoming and outgoing operations, redoubles the competitiveness of the solution partners from all over the world. We had an exceptional interview with SAN TSG General Manager Erol Turk regardingthe future of online tourism, university studies, new projects, short and long term targets and sector specific problems.

Here are the headlines from our interview

You are now sharing the new projects of SAN TSG for the first time with turizmhaberleri.com , can you tell us about your 2 major projects?
We are at the completion stage for our 2 major projects. First, we will supply all our agenciesto be seen online by hoteliers with one single password and confirm bookings. Additionally, in this platform, hotels will be able to run many of their processes such as SPOs, additional rooms, fact sheets, stop sales, etc. Second, we are gathering our 500 customers in a bed and flight seat pool. This way our customers will be able to open sales their dormant capacities to many worldwide channels and to Tour Operators that we work with. These 2 projects will be available for our customers in 2013.

Your short term targets ?
As of today, our company is operating in 4 continents, 50 countries and approximately with 500 firms. As a short term target we plan to exist in 10 more countries by 2013. Soon our Germany office will be open in Munich. With this office I’m sure that our products will take a huge share of the market. Even though it is a bit different from our main business, this year we are also running investigations regarding hotel managership. When it comes to long term targets, we will be putting best of our effort in order our portal project will become one of the greatest worldwide suppliers.

Can you please tell us about your cooperation and support with the Universities regarding Sejour?
Sejour is currently being lectured in 55 universities, colleges and high schools as a lesson. In this context, we provided our 100.000 TRY worth product to many schools without any charge. This year we will also perform our instruction meeting for tutorials which we were not able to do for a while. We will schedule a meeting for the Sejour tutorials and update their knowledge. And again, as much as we can, we will keep supporting university projects as we did during 13. National Tourism Expo.



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