Recruitment processes

  • Qualified candidates are chosen based on the available position requirements
  • Candidate references are surveyed
  • Candidate is called for an interview (If the candidate has projects either individual or team work product; these are requested to be presented during the interview)
  • If considered as necessary the candidate is also put to technical interview
  • When eliminating and positioning process not only the “experience” or “education” is taken into consideration but also the personal attribution matters. Therefore personality test can be a subject
  • If the employer reaches to an agreements in terms of predicted conditions, a trial phase can be offered to candidate
  • The candidate is called for the job.

Critical queries in recruitment process

  • Experience, career, references
  • Availability to Travel
  • Military Service Status
  • Grade Status
  • Social Interaction (Being fit for team work)
  • Being put to technical interview

Application form

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